These sets include products and materials that will help you make the most of your 5 sessions. At home, Aesthetic Serum is the most effective topical product of a professionally used segment.


  • 5 Pcs Evde Aesthetic Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen Serum.
  • 5 Pcs Special Skin Cleaning Wipes
  • 5 Pcs Fresh Mask
  • 1 Pcs Hydra 20 Needle Applicator
  • 1 Pcs Antiseptik Spray


Skin Cleaning Wipes; Use to disinfect the area to be treated. The wipes are suitable for single use and can be removed from the box.

Anti Aging Fluid Vitamin C Serum; Helps reduce the appearance of skin aging, elasticity, wrinkles, matte skin and helps to regulate scar marks. Supports skin to look more vivid.

Hydra Needle Serum Applicator; The product consists of 2 parts. It is a micro needle applicator that plays a role in the delivery of serum under the skin thanks to the serum chamber and 20 titanium micro needle application head. Especially for users with tight skin, the permeability of the serums under the skin is quite difficult. Hydra 20 Needle eliminates this problem and promises you a unique skin care.

Anti Septik Spray; Use to disinfect the needle tip of the Hydra needle applicator. Before and after the application, you should use two fis fis.

 Calming Mask It is a relaxing mask used to soothe your skin after application.



 First the application area shoul be cleaned with the skin cleaning wipes that you can find in the Aesthetic at Home set.After pouring the seroum of 5 ml into the seroum bulb,fix the Hydra needle's top.

You can use by buffering to the application area with 90 angle.The seoum in the bulb directly pass to the application area by the can continue the treatment some more after the liquid in the bulb finish.After finishing the application clean the top of hydra needles with the antiseptic sprey.

Finally put on some relaxing calming mask on the skin and then lay down and enjoy.Before starting the Hydra Needle application,you can leave your Calming mask in the fridge for 15 mins.Before using the skin cleaning wipes,you should have cleaned your skin with hair perfectly. You can go on your application once a week.Please do not skip your seance so that you can complete your treatment.

Before switching to Hydra Needle, you can keep your Calming Mask in the kit for 15 minutes in the refrigerator.

Before using your skin cleaning wipes, your skin must be free of make-up and dirt.

You can continue your applications with the condition of 1 session per week. Please do not skip sessions so that your care is not interrupted.

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